Android Auto Tips

You need to learn these Android Auto Tips that will help you navigate with the modern Android OS updates. The era of Bluetooth is over and now the latest smartphone-mirroring features allow drivers to stay connected on the road.

In the latest auto integration, there are big improvements to the Google Assistant voice command and results. And it can be particularly helpful once it gets to know you. You can allow Google Assistant to provide personalized suggestions and reminders based on your calendar along with the routes.

Android Auto Tips

To get started you will obviously need to download the Android Auto app. Once done go to the Settings, and click Customize Launcher. From there, you can check which Android Auto-compatible apps you want to show up on your touchscreen.

Drag an app up or down on your phone to change the order it’s displayed on the car’s touchscreen. You can view current traffic conditions by hitting the gear button on the Google Maps screen. This is very helpful when navigating busy streets.

The latest Android Auto gives you the option to mute specific conversations. Just click “mute conversation” when an unwanted message pops up on the touchscreen. If you want to avoid getting group message notifications while you’re driving, you can mute those by going to the Android Auto app settings on your phone.

You can also play Games

If you find yourself with some time to kill in a parking lot, try playing games with Android Auto. Click on the GameSnacks icon on your screen, and pick from a handful of easy-to-load games including Pin the UFO and 2048 Giant.

You can get a complete gaming experience with sound effects coming through the car’s stereo system. This although in the early stages will go a long way when considering the number of people who use the Android platform in their daily lives.

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