Is WhatsApp Safe? A quick Analysis

Is WhatsApp Safe?

Is WhatsApp Safe? That’s the big question in almost every user’s mind. It is estimated that over two billion people use the app, sending about 100 billion messages per day, that is a lot. And that’s why we discuss all you need to know about the potential dangers of using WhatsApp. Including some of the … Read more

The impact of 5G on smartphones

The advent of 5G technology has taken us to a new era of connectivity. This 5th-generation wireless technology with lightning-fast data speed and ultra-low latency is revolutionizing how we use and experience our mobile phones. The most exciting and promising fact about 5G technology is its ultra-fast speed. No matter how large the file is, … Read more

How to See Your Instagram Account History

How to See Your Instagram Account History

Are you looking to edit or review your Instagram Account History and learn about your privacy settings? Learn how to see changes to your account information over the years. Did you know that¬†Instagram saves much of your account history and makes it easily viewable? You can directly see edits to your name, bio, and in-bio … Read more

Google Play Games for PC Beta Launches in India

Google Play Games for PC Beta

Google Play Games for PC Beta Launches in India while allowing Android games to be easily played on a bigger screen with perfect integration. This is not an emulator but a direct Windows official app. That lets you download and play like you would on an Android phone. The client is now available in beta … Read more

Use the trackpad on your Android

Use the trackpad on your Android

Do you know how to use the trackpad on your Android phone? Even the most seasoned Android users might have never used this handy feature on their phones. The trackpad can help you with texting, creating to-do lists, drafting long LinkedIn posts and emails, and editing quick documents in Google Docs. No matter if you … Read more

Metaverse Content Creation

Metaverse Content Creation

The concept of the metaverse, a virtual reality space where users can interact with each other and digital content, has gained significant attention in recent years. As the metaverse continues to evolve and expand, content creation plays a crucial role in shaping and enriching this virtual realm. Content creation in the metaverse is essential for … Read more

Google Camera: Night Mode Tips

Google Camera- Night Mode Tips

Night Mode has become a popular feature on smartphone cameras, allowing users to capture stunning low-light photos with improved clarity and detail. Google Camera, the camera app developed by Google, also offers an exceptional Night Mode that can significantly enhance low-light photography on compatible devices. To capture sharp and clear night photos, it’s essential to … Read more

Android 14 latest News and features

Android 14 latest News and features

Android 14 latest News and features include its latest release called the Beta 4 version which is only for testers. As Google prepares for the big release at the end of summer in 2023. After the third beta release developers can program their apps using the new features and APIs introduced in Android 14 without … Read more

Use your phone’s manual camera settings

Use your phone's manual camera settings

Did you know that you can use your phone’s manual camera settings in order to get better photos? Not only that but you can get much cooler-looking videos aswell just by learning a few tricks. But do keep in mind that these settings aren’t always easy to understand. You can always read the list of … Read more

Auto Enable Airplane Mode During a Flight: Report

Auto Enable Airplane Mode

Google is working on a new feature that will Auto Enable Airplane Mode During a Flight. According to the filed patent, the feature will automatically switch to a connected flight mode before or during a flight. The technology is also said to offer improved functionalities for Airplane mode. The company has filed a patent for … Read more