Use the trackpad on your Android

Do you know how to use the trackpad on your Android phone? Even the most seasoned Android users might have never used this handy feature on their phones.

The trackpad can help you with texting, creating to-do lists, drafting long LinkedIn posts and emails, and editing quick documents in Google Docs.

No matter if you use Gboard, Microsoft SwiftKey, or the default Samsung keyboard on the top Samsung Galaxy phones. The built-in keyboard trackpad is readily available to serve you during text editing.

Use the trackpad on your Android

To get started open any conversation, document, or email compose screen on your Android phone. Long-tap on the spacebar and glide your finger to the left or right to move the cursor.

You can move your finger over the entire bottom bar and move the cursor to a precise word in the paragraph.

You can move your fingers along the bottom bar only. The cursor reach is limited, and you can’t freely move it over an entire paragraph. You also don’t get haptic feedback or visual tweaks for an active trackpad over the spacebar.

On a Samsung keyboard just open a document or any text field on a Samsung phone. Long-press on the spacebar.

Wait for the Cursor control option to appear. You can move your finger over the entire keyboard to navigate a big paragraph easily.

Give this typing method a try and who knows you may find it better adapted to your daily use compared to the individual typing method.

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