You can still read WhatsApp deleted messages

Many rejoiced when Whatsapp deleted messages feature was introduced in which you can delete your messages sent by mistake. Tech geeks have still found a way to bypass the protocol to access deleted texts. They have introduced namely two different methods to read and access removed Whatsapp content.

If you’re worried that a person will soon delete the message that he or she sent to you then just use the WhatsApp quote message feature. By quoting the message, it will appear in the message quote and show until you delete the message yourself.

This way, you simply bypass the “Delete for Everyone” feature of WhatsApp.

Notification log Method

The second method of bypassing the “Delete for Everyone” this feature is more about accessing the Android phone’s notification history. A notification log is present in most Android phones. By accessing this notification log, you can read the deleted messages.

If your phone does not have a notification log then you can access it by downloading a third-party app from the play store. If there is a notification log already available on your phone, go to the Widgets > Activities > Settings to access it.

You can only see the first 100 characters of the WhatsApp message and not the entire message in the notification log. So now you know the secrets on how to bypass the delete message feature of Whatsapp and easily keep a record of everything.

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