You can now use a Physical Security Key to secure your Facebook mobile app

The Facebook mobile app can now be secured with a Physical security key via two-factor authentication. This allows you to have peace of mind when using and logging into your app. This double layer will essentially let users add more security to the account.

Hackers and other people with bad intentions would now need to obtain the password plus the hardware-key to access thier Facebook account. Since 2017, Facebook allowed users to use a hardware security key for two-factor authentication on the desktop.

Traditionally, the second step of authentication takes place via a separate app such as a Google Authenticator or SMS code. But now users can purchase third-party devices from Yubico or and Google Titan to use it as a physical authenticator on a mobile phone.

Using a Physical Security Key to secure Facebook

physical Security Key

According to Facebook physical security keys are small enough to fit on the keychain. And can notify users each time when someone is trying to access the Facebook account from an unrecognized browser or mobile device. We ask you to confirm it’s you with your key, which attackers don’t have,” it explained.

Users can enroll their security key in two-factor authentication within the Security and Login section of your Settings on Facebook. This secondary authentication method is suitable for people who tend to forget or loose their passwords and are old style.

Having something in their hands might allow them to feel secure and in control of their Facebook access. According to Facebook data almost 50 million accounts have been hacked, deleted and misused thus causing great stress to the account handlers.

Other major platforms such as Twitter are also expanding support for physical security keys. Earlier this week, Twitter announced that it will now allow users to secure their account with multiple security keys on both, mobile and web.

“Secure your account (and that alt) with multiple security keys. Now you can enroll and login with more than one physical key on both mobile and web,” it had said.

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