WhatsApp Shared File Notification

WhatsApp Shared File Notification will now Tell You when a shared file has been downloaded. This is the latest feature being tested by the platform. It will give users the ability to know when the document is fully downloaded on their devices or uploaded to their servers.

Users will see the same details while uploading a document. The feature has been already released on the WhatsApp desktop last month, and now beta testers on Android and iOS for WhatsApp are getting it this week.

WhatsApp Shared File Notification when the download finishes

The latest version of WhatsApp beta for Android, iOS, Web. Including the desktop version. So, when the document is completely downloaded, you will get an alert on your phone or desktop screen. This information lets us understand when the document should be completely sent or downloaded on our device.

Besides the ETA too, WhatsApp is likely turning off the ‘media visibility option for disappearing chats. And it wants to ensure that media files are not getting exposed to the limitations. Amongst other things, The platform has also opened up to the possibility of sending bigger media files.

WhatsApp started testing the ability to share media files up to 2GB in size to some users in Argentina. Let’s see when the company rolls out the complete package and brings this one out of the beta testing phase. Many users might have already gotten this feature but haven’t noticed it already.

You will also see new drawing tools on WhatsApp beta for Android for some users. And a new changelog will be available when more users get the new feature.

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