WhatsApp gets message recall and erase feature

WhatsApp is rolling out a privacy-focused new feature to users that should help you quickly fix mistakes in your messages, whether that’s a typo or something that you just really should not have sent in the midst of emotions.

The message recall feature has been mentioned before, but it’s finally happening for a small set of users and is starting to roll out more widely.

Essentially, this feature will allow you to delete a message you’ve sent that not only takes it out of your conversation history but removes it from the recipient’s message thread as well, with a few limitations.

The biggest one is that it only works within the first seven minutes of being sent, so you can’t retroactively go and delete regrettable conversations you’ve had months prior.

You also won’t get a notification that it worked on the other end, and if they already opened it, well, the damage is done. Even with those few catches, though, this is a really useful feature, even if it’s just for correcting small typos or incorrect information that you catch quickly.

The feature has already hit a small selection of users but should be rolling out more widely in the near future. Keep a lookout !!

Latest Update on this feature

It is important to note that the Delete For Everyone or in other words message recall is going to be available for Android and iPhone users. The feature will not work on phones with Symbian OS. This should not be a shock to anyone as WhatsApp has already ended the support for Nokia Symbian OS and BlackBerry OS.

The feature will work only if both the sender and recipient are on the same version of WhatsApp and that version must support the new feature. 

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