Use WhatsApp without your Phone

Whatsapp is now truly a multi-device connectivity platform. Because after the latest update you can use WhatsApp without your Phone. And the messenger app no longer requires your devices to connect through your phone. Keep on reading to learn this new Whatsapp Trick.

To use this feature you’ll need to link your other devices to WhatsApp via your smartphone. Once you’ve done this, you will no longer need your phone for everything to work correctly.

Whatsapp multi-device connectivity and how can you use WhatsApp without your Phone?

Your linked Whatsapp devices relied on your smartphone to connect to your WhatsApp account. This meant that your other devices could not encrypt data or initiate calls through WhatsApp. All they could do was mirror your phone.

Devices connected to your smartphone were slower and frequently disconnected, especially when your phone had a poor connection or its battery was running low. And you could only link one device at a time.

But now WhatsApp has removed these hurdles. Users don’t need their phones to route their WhatsApp traffic. But your additional connected devices cannot be another smartphone; you’ll need to use something like a laptop or a Tab instead with the same account.

Don’t worry about your privacy and security with the addition of this feature. When a companion device is linked, the primary device encrypts all of your messages for the last three months of chats.

After that, it transfers them to the newly-linked device via an end-to-end encrypted message. From that point forward, the gadget you’ve just added an access the message history from its own local database.

And in the past, WhatsApp encryption relied on a single identity key based on the smartphone. Now, however, each linked device has its own identity key. The WhatsApp server keeps track of all linked device identities. Anyone and their contact can verify all the devices they are sending messages to.

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