Use Google Keep to take notes

Want to take notes or create quick shopping lists? Use Google Keep to take notes quickly and retrieve them across devices using your Google account. Google Keep is a note-taking app and is part of the Google Drive suite. Using the app you can take several different kinds of notes. That includes notes with images or doodles.

Notes can be scheduled to trigger at a time or when you visit a specific place. And nested lists make it easy to mark your progress on multi-stage projects. The app also allows you to save notes in different colors depending on their urgency.

Google Keep does much more than notes.

Want to remember something very important? Why not pin it in the app. Pinned notes allow you to keep essential information at the top of the app at all times. You can also schedule notes for advanced notifications.

Scheduling notes allow you to track things like follow-ups from a meeting. You can also write normally in Google Keep. This way you can use the app as a simple note-taking tool that is simple yet convenient and helpful.

And it also easy to export a note to Google Docs so it can be shared externally. Each note has a 19,999 character limit, so you will have a lot of space to write down everything about those bright ideas that might hit during odd hours.

Plus the Google Keep Wear OS app lets you tick off ingredients and essential purchases from your wrist. Further enhancing the way you interact with the app. You can share that grocery list with family members as collaborators so that you can add on rather than having to remember to tell you the next time you’re home.

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