Use FaceTime on Android

Do you have an Android phone and want to video chat with your iPhone-using friends? Well in this article we will lay down your options on how you can use FaceTime on Android. FaceTime is a video calling app by Apple, and like most other Apple apps, it is exclusive to iOS devices.

It is one of the most used applications among iPhone users when they want to video call someone else with an iPhone. And you might have not known but it is possible to use FaceTime on Android. However, you can only participate in FaceTime calls through invitation links created by Apple users.

And by this, we mean that you cannot make a FaceTime call or use FaceTime without an invitation link on Android. This is because you can not download the FaceTime app on your Android device. But you can FaceTime with your friends that own iPhones, iPads, or Macs through invitation links.

How to Use FaceTime on Android

So If you want to connect someone over Face-Time on your android phone you will need to ask a friend with an iOS device to generate and send you an invitation link. Also, since it works via the web you need to have a supported browser like Chrome installed.

When FaceTimeing on iPhone you get features like SharePlay and numerous controls like hiding/showing video, mute audio, switch between cameras, and grid layouts. But when on android some of these options will not accessible. So keep this in mind.

Your friend with an iPhone can send the link through a messaging app as long as it appears on their share menu. You can only open FaceTime in Chrome.

Got the facetime link? Now start by tapping on the link you were sent. It will take you to your default browser, which should be Chrome. If not, you can manually copy and paste the link on a new tab in Chrome to open it.

Once the link opens, a blank space will appear with a prompt to enter your name. Type your name in the box and tap continue.

Next, a screen with a green Join button will come up. Select Join and the Apple user will then receive a join request. To successfully enter the call, they need to accept the Join request.

After they click join you will successfully join the call. You will see a toolbar with several control options, including a full-screen button, mute button, show/hide video button, flip to front/rear camera button, left button, and more.

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