Try this new music player app on your android

We found this new app for you and you might find it useful if you love listening to music. Basically, it’s a music player which might be able to make you fend away that default player on your device. It’s called the Stellio Music Player For Android OS and it is loaded features.

Stellio is a powerful music player with lossless support and incredible themes. Features such as being able to highly customizable the themes and looks. And it comes with sophisticated playback and library management capabilities.

New Music Player for Android
new music player app

As a music player for android, Stellio prioritizes audio quality. This means it supports a number of lossless file types, like FLAC, in addition to the many common lossy formats (MP3, M4A, etc.). You also can choose from several equalizers presets or customize your own. Stellio Player has plenty of other features to make your music experience better.

It can retrieve album covers for your music from the internet and supports the organization by tags, genres, and so on. While you listen, the integrated lyrics search helps you sing along. It also has a sleep timer for when you listen to soothing and sleepy music. 

The default player interface is also different with a waveform in place of the traditional progress bar. There are also multiple settings and themes available that you can tune the interface to your heart’s desire. Themes aren’t just a fresh coat of paint, but give you the ability to get a totally revamped interface. 

The customization options extend to the player notification and widgets, which you can modify in the settings to include the things you need and exclude the stuff you don’t.

But in the end you will need to download and checkout the music player yourself and see that if it suits your need. Let us know if you liked it by commenting on the app below.

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