Timetable Apps for Android

Figuring out a way to set a daily timetable and get the most out of your day? If yes then these Timetable Apps for Android might help you keep track of your habits and daily routine. Thus enabling you to get more done on time with less stress and more fun.

Creating a working timetable and then following it has proven to improve efficiency in both work and life. A simple weekly timetable plan can go a long way, but with smartphones becoming such an integral part of our lives, it’s best that we start using our devices in a positive way with the power of widgets and notifications.

How to use Timetable Apps for Android?

Keep on reading this article if you want to learn more about different timetable apps on the PlayStore. We have written down in detail how these apps work and how they would help you gather your daily routine life. And if they are compatible with the latest Android 12 or 13 Widgets update.


Timetable lets you create a weekly schedule, manage tasks, add exams, and set holidays to better plan your academic year. One thing this app offers, in addition, is a week view alongside the traditional day view for your classes.

Like other timetable apps on this list, you can add tasks and exams which will appear in a separate tasks section. You can make use of reminders and add additional notes to your tasks as well. You can choose between a dark and a light theme, and even tinker with the widget’s transparency.


TimeTune makes use of a time block format to plan your day. Although there’s nothing stopping you from using TimeTune as a timetable app for your classes, it works best as a general multipurpose schedule planner.

In this app, you will first need to create a Template, in which you can use tags to outline your day. This template can then be used to fill a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. This way, you can easily add repeating patterns to your calendar without having to manually change the tiny details of your schedule.

This app comes with a list of icons and colors that you can use to create tags. This helps you recognize them with ease. The premium version of the app unlocks more theme options, eliminates ads, allows for time tracking, and enables automatic backups.


When compared to Time Tune, TimeBloc has an uncomplicated timeline view of all your tasks for the day. You can customize these tasks with tags and icons.

Routines help you manage more than one type of timetable and make it easier for you to repeat days involving the same list of tasks. The premium version of the app comes with statistics and unlimited routines.

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