Things Google Knows about you

The Things Google Knows about you are beaconed by the Android phone you have in your hand. Although It has the power to show you the world. But like all good things if they go unchecked can turn out to be a nuisance.

Through your phone and computer, google knows what you look like, how you sound, your political and religious beliefs, and how healthy you are. The search giant also knows if you have children, or if you have specific dietary restrictions.

What Things Google Knows about me?

Well to start things off it knows where you go and how much you travel on daily basis. Google keeps track of your location history assuming your “location” is on. According to Rami Yermiya, a cybersecurity expert and founder and president of Dignotion, a New York City digital marketing technologies company.

Check out your location history at your Google Maps Timeline, and you’ll see how comprehensive it actually is. You can change your settings here, as well as delete your location history, however, law enforcement can still subpoena your location history. So even if you delete it, it’s not really gone.

They know about Your Emails, Age and Internet Browsing

Now things are starting to get creepy. If you check out Google’s My Activity page, you can see a historic timeline of your web activity. Everything you search for is laid out with perfect timing and date accurate to the very minute. And Google promises that only you have access to this information.

You can also delete your history (on the left-hand side of the page, click on “Delete activity. But that is just the dust off the tomatoes. The same goes for all the products and shopping sites you visit via Google Chrome.

Easily access the product tracking history by clicking “Other Google Activity” on the left-hand side, it’ll take you to a whole list of other things Google knows about you based on your online decisions. Here you can view and delete your “product price tracking” and “Google Shopping order activity.

Your Passwords and Phone Number

Google Chrome always asks you if you’d like it to save your password? But it’s yet another piece of information you may not want Google to have about you. You can still keep them safe there but in case of a mass breach, your passwords might be compromised.

On the left-hand side of the My Activity screen, if you click on “My Account,” you’ll be taken to your Account Screen. In the middle column of that page, click on, “Your Personal Info,” and you’ll see precisely that: all your personal info, including your phone number.

You might even have entered it into your Google Account yourself way back when. However, if you don’t want Google to have your number, click on the right-arrow, and you’ll have the option to delete it. One might be amazed when you find out about Things Google Knows about yourself.

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