Sync Clipboard Across Android Phone and Windows PC

Want to work quickly and copy text across devices? Well, you can now Sync Clipboard Across Android Phone and Windows PC. Microsoft has been working to give android users a seamless experience with Android phones with the help of its android keyboard app called the Microsoft SwiftKey app.

And in this article, we will teach you how to set up and use the ‘sync across other devices’ clipboard feature across your Android phone and Windows PC. And for the moment we will only focus on text sync because on android you can not sync images the way you can on apple.

How Sync Clipboard Across Android Phone and Windows PC

So to get started you need to use Microsoft’s SwiftKey keyboard on your Android phone. Along with a Windows PC running Windows 10 October 2018 update or newer. After installing SwiftKey beta, you should Sign in with a Microsoft ID. Once that’s done, you are all set to enable SwiftKey’s cloud clipboard.

Now from the app’s home screen, tap on ‘Rich input’ and choose ‘Clipboard’. You will now see a new ‘Sync clipboard history’ toggle. Enable it, and you will be asked to sign in with your Microsoft account again for verification. Sign in again to proceed further.

After enabling the toggle, you can choose to disable the ‘Show last copied item as quick paste option on prediction bar‘ toggle. Do this if you do not want to see what you copied from your Windows PC in the SkwiftKey suggestions bar on Android. You will, however, see the copied text in your clipboard history.

After that, it’s time to configure the cloud clipboard on your Windows PC. To do that, open the Settings app and go to ‘System -> Clipboard’. Scroll down on the System settings page until you find the Clipboard option.

Under Clipboard settings, enable the ‘Sync across your devices’ toggle to start syncing your clipboard across devices. On Windows 10, you will see the toggle as ‘Sync across devices. As mentioned earlier, using this feature requires you to sign in to your PC with your Microsoft account.

Once you have set up your Windows PC and Android phone to sync clipboard history, using it is fairly straightforward. You can copy any text from your PC, and it will show up on your phone under SwiftKey’s clipboard feature. The vice-versa holds true as well.

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