Smartphone as Augmented reality Tape Measure

We have been highlighting benefits  of Augmented reality in our previous posts. This time we will highlight again the benefits that AR can bring to your daily life. You can use your Smartphone as Augmented reality Tape Measure which will remove the need for hardware.

This feature becomes handy when you are trying to size things up. Smartphones have evolved more like Swiss Army Knives, opening up possibilities that were previously considered impossible. Thanks to augmented reality, a new world of tools is becoming available to mobile users. 

With Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore, Android and iOS users alike can now enjoy augmented reality (AR), enhancing the real world around them with software.

Use AR to get accurate measurements with your Phone

To begin with download the AirMeasure app. Next, open the app and it will ask for access to your camera. Grant this permission, then point the camera at the floor to let the app get its bearings. It’s important to hold your phone steady for this part.

Once calibrated you can start measuring objects straight away. In case you start using the app after along time the app might need re calibration at restart. Measuring is accomplished by aiming the circle at the edge you wish to start the measurement from, then selecting the white arrow in the blue background below it. 

This will bring out the tape measure (iOS) or a blue-green line (Android), which you can control by moving your phone. Once you reach the ending edge, select the white arrow again to measure the distance between the two points.

As hardware continues to improve, developers will continue to create new apps that replace the tools we always used. Eventually, we will need nothing more than our smartphone for most of life’s needs.

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