Sideload Oculus Quest Apps with Your Phone

Easily sideload Oculus Quest Apps with your phone. SideQuest has launched a mobile app which lets you SideLoad apps on Quest without needing a PC. And you can do it wirelessly too. SideQuest initially required you to install a PC-based program to install apps.

To get the advantage of the latest update. You’ll need the free SideQuest mobile app. And an Android phone that supports OTG, any generation of Quest, and a USB cable to link the phone and headset together. And you will have your complete kit to sideload apps to your Oculus.

Sideload Oculus Quest Apps with Your Phone

You can start from the Oculus Developer dashboard, log in to your Oculus account, and create what Oculus considers an “organization.” Choose a name in there (if you truly aren’t a developer) and agree to the terms of service.

Now open the Oculus app on your phone, go to the ‘Settings’ tab on the bottom right-hand side, tap to expand the options under your Quest, and select ‘More Settings’.

Among the various toggles, you’ll find ‘Developer Mode’, which you simply have to toggle on. Reboot your Quest now for good measure.

Simply download the SideQuest Android app on Google Play Store. There’s no telling whether we’ll ever get one for iOS, and considering how locked down Apple generally keeps things, we’re not holding our breaths.

Now plug in your Quest to your Android phone. This is less tricky with modern phones with USB-C ports. Quest includes a short USB-C to USB-C cable in the box which will do the trick.

Allow USB Debugging & Sideload Wirelessly

Put on your Quest headset, and you should see a window (in VR) that says ‘Allow USB debugging?’. Simply click the check box ‘Always allow from this computer. Also, ‘Allow Access to data’ now.

From here, you’ll see a green icon in the SideLoad app which means you’re ready to sideload anything and everything. You can do this wirelessly too by enabling Wi-Fi in the SideQuest app itself and popping in your local IP address.

You can see your local IP address by clicking the Wi-Fi icon whilst in-headset, selecting the network you’re currently connected to, and scrolling all the way down to reveal the string of numbers, oftentimes beginning with ‘192’.

To make things easy you can checkout this YouTube video from courtesy of YouTubers ‘Cas & Chary VR. It will give you a detailed analysis of how you can easily config using mobile only.

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