Sideload APK files on Android 12

Do you want to Sideload APK files on Android 12? If yes then we have compiled a way for you to do it easily and safely. Android phones are capable of installing apps outside of the Google Play Store. These come in the form of Android Package (APK) files that contain an individual app.

That can be installed on your phone if not available on the Google Play Store. A popular example of this is in the form of Tekken 3 on Android or loading an app that is not available in your regional Play Store. And that is why we will walk through sideloading APK files on Android 12 devices, which also works for Android 11.

How to Sideload APK files on Android 12

The method of installing APK files changed as of Android 10. Before this was a setting you would enable from the Settings app. But now it is something that only certain applications are capable of doing with the “install unknown apps” permission.

In the case of an allowed example app, you can use Telegram or Google Chrome. Long press on any of the mentioned app icons and look for the small icon at the top right corner as shown in the image below.

After this step is done. You will now have to download the APK using that source. This means you can send yourself the file as a message in Telegram and WhatsApp and directly install them from the app.

But be careful about opening APK’s sent to you from other individuals. You can also upload the package to your Google Drive and install it from there if you want to send a file from your computer to your phone.

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