Run YouTube in the background

If you are an avid Youtube listener then we have some good news for you. Very soon you will be able to Run YOUTUBE in the background. The service will be available to Canada first from November 3 so it might come to your region next aswell.

With the latest update, listeners will be able to stream their music while using other apps on their phones or while the screen is off, a feature that has not been made free by the platform before. This new update is part of many other important updates to hit YouTube recentley.

Run YouTube in the background

Youtube minimize or background listening feature was only available to Premium subscribed members of the app. Who paid a membership fee to subscribe and get benefits such as background listening.

Other premium subscriber features include ad-free listening and free offline downloads. This is the first time that YouTube has offered the feature without requiring that customers step up to a Premium subscription to get it.

As for when listeners in other countries can expect to get the same convenience. For now, YouTube is only saying to “stay tuned for additional information and expansion plans.”

Background listening was already available on many of YouTube Music’s competitors, such as SpotifyApple Music, and Tidal. So it was always a surprise to see the biggest content platform on the internet not providing this service to its billions of users.

If you are in Canada and have tested this feature do let us know about it by commenting below about its feel.

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