Remove Gmail Account

Changing your old phone? Learn how to Remove your Gmail Account from your old device and securely shift to a newer device. In this article, you will find detailed steps on how to remove a Gmail account from mobile. The steps outlined here are really easy and hassle-free.

Millions of users around the globe use the Gmail service to send and receive emails. The email service from Goole is used both for professional and personal purposes. The service is available on smartphones and computers and enables android users to sync and use android features easily.

How to Remove Gmail Account from your old phone?

This process is very easy and can be sorted just by following a few steps. Open Settings on an Android phone or tablet. Locate or search for the setting Accounts. The settings might be available as different names including Users & Accounts or Accounts & Backup.

In this menu, you have to Tap on Manage Accounts. A list of Gmail accounts linked with smartphones will appear. In the interface that appears, click on Remove Account. Once you click it all related data to that account (email, contacts, Google Photos) will disappear.

And if you want to permanently delete your Google account follow this guide. Or you can open the Settings menu on the Android smartphone or tablet. Search for the options Google. On the interface that opens, click on Manage your Google Account.

In the menu that opens, locate Data & PrivacyScroll down to locate an option that says ‘Data from apps and services you use’. Under Download or delete your data, tap on Delete a Google Service. Sign in by entering the password for the account.

Enter an existing email address (alternate) want to sign in with a Gmail password and tap Send verification email. This email can’t be a Gmail address. To verify the existing email address, Google will send an email to the existing email address. To permanently delete your Gmail address you will need to verify.

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