Recover Deleted Photos on Any Android phone

Want to Recover Deleted Photos on Any Android phone? Well, you are in luck because in this article we will highlight all the possible methods. A photo might contain some important information or it might hold a memory of a loved one that cant be lost.

But don’t worry if you have deleted any one of those important photos because you can easily recover the deleted items using 3 different recovery methods. The options range from simple methods. To a more advanced solution that might work for you.

How to Recover Deleted Photos on Any Android phone

It’s easy to recover a deleted image from your gallery. Because normally your deleted items end up in Trash or Recycle Bin the same way as the one you have on the desktop. So just look for that in whatever gallery app you use.

Most cloud and photo apps such as Google photos also offer to back up your photos in the background. If you’ve got this turned on, then chances are your photo isn’t really deleted. In Google Photos, open the image and select Download from the menu.

Deleting a photo from your phone’s gallery app won’t delete it from your cloud backup service. To get it back, just log into your cloud app and download it once more.

In Google Photos, open the app, select Library, then Trash or Bin. Long-press on each image you want to recover, and hit Restore. Deleted files remain available for 60 days.

For Microsoft’s OneDrive, open the app and go to Me > Recycle bin. Select your files and tap the Restore icon. OneDrive keeps deleted files for up to 30 days, although it may delete them sooner if your recycle bin is larger than 10 percent of your total storage space.

Recover Data from a Memory Card

And If you need to know how to recover deleted photos from your gallery app, your best hope is that you’ve saved them to your phone’s SD card.

You can connect your card to a desktop computer and use special recovery software to attempt to recover the lost pictures, so long as it isn’t encrypted. But there are no guarantees with this.

Deleted files remain on a memory card until they get overwritten by new data. Thus, as soon as you realize you’ve deleted photos by mistake. You should remove your card from your phone to reduce the risk of them being overwritten.

In case you were wondering, this method won’t work on your phone’s internal storage because Android doesn’t use the old USB Mass Storage protocol anymore. This is the same reason why it’s difficult to recover deleted text messages on Android.

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