Project Relate Needs Beta Testers

Google recently launched alot of speech impairment apps under the umbrella of “Project relate”. And Project Relate Needs Beta Testers to quickly test and commercially launch these apps for the people in need. And if you want to help test it you can signup

According to Google, this project is “A communication tool for people with speech impairments”.

To participate you would need to be 18 or older and strangers or people you’ve just met should find it difficult to understand your speech. You also need to be an English speaker residing in the United States, Australia, Canada, or New Zealand.

Project Relate Needs Beta Testers to smoothline its bugs

And because Project Relate is a Google product, you need to have a Google account and an Android phone running at least Android 8. During the test, you’ll have to record 500 phrases, which should take you between 30 to 90 minutes to record.

According to Google, the app will transcribe your speech in real-time. It will use it to automatically learn how to “better understand your unique speech patterns, and then give you access to three main features: Listen, Repeat, and Assistant.”

Project Relate is a continuation of years of research from both Google’s Speech and Research teams, made possible by over a million speech samples recorded by participants of our research effort.

As an early tester of Project Relate, you will be asked to record a set of phrases. The app will use these phrases to automatically learn how to better understand your unique speech patterns and give you access to the app’s three main features: Listen, Repeat, and Assistant.

Listen: Through the Listen feature, the Relate app transcribes your speech to text in real-time, so you can copy-paste the text into other apps, or let people read what you want to tell them.

Repeat: You can use the Repeat feature to restate what you’ve said using a clear, synthesized voice. We hope this can be especially helpful in face-to-face conversation or even when you want to speak a command to your home assistant device.

Assistant: Speak directly to your Google Assistant from within the Relate app, so you can take care of different tasks, such as turning on the lights or playing a song, with ease.

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