Playstore “Offers” tab

Did you notice the new Playstore “Offers” tab on your Android phone? With this latest addition to the Google Playstore, users will get deals on apps, games, and more. This tab will work as a separate section from the pre-existing “Offers and notifications” section.

It appeared with its own tab in the bottom navigation bar, giving quick access from anywhere in the app. And Google has officially announced the new section, promoting it as a way to improve your app shopping experience for new apps and games that are on offer.

Playstore “Offers” tab

Previously you could see the  “Offers and notifications” section. But after the latest update, users can easily access it from anywhere in the app rather than hiding behind your profile icon. It’s also far more comprehensive, spanning every category available on the Play Store.

In the latest Blog Post, the company says Offers on the Play Store will “help you discover deals in games and apps across travel, shopping, media & entertainment, fitness, and more.

” Basically, when you access Offers, the app gives you a selection of carousels showcasing the best sales on games, apps, movie rentals, books, and more. Discounts on in-game items, in-app purchases, and app trials are also on deck.

The offers tab will let you explore all the latest offers on in-game items. And will tell you about apps that are temporarily free. With some offers, you might also see the end date for them. It tries to present you with excellent deals on the stuff you might actually want to buy. Plus you can order according to the ratings.

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