Google Assistant Go App

Google Assistant Go App might be google’s answer to other assistant apps such as Siri on IOS. Google announced the Android Go initiative which is a less intensive version of the OS optimized for cheap phones with little RAM and small processing power. The Go assistant app from Google was launched in December 2017 and to go with it … Read more

Google Removes 700,000 Bad apps

In a curb to remove malicious, harmful content and keep its user’s safe google removes 700,000 Bad apps from its play store in 2017. That’s a 70 percent increase over the total removals in 2016. “Not only did we remove more bad apps, but we were also able to identify and action against them earlier,” Google Play product … Read more

WhatsApp at 1.5 billion monthly users

When Facebook made the move to acquire Whatsapp with a price list of $19 Billion people called it a daft move now WhatsApp at 1.5 billion monthly users. Mark Zuckerberg announced the 2017 earnings that WhatsApp now has 1.5 billion users and sees 60 billion messages sent per day. That’s compared to 1.3 billion monthly users and 1 billion daily active … Read more

Cake Web Browser that is super fast with a VPN

This new mobile browser that’s super fast will enable you to search quickly going through multiple search engines and providing the required results. Going by the name of Cake in the play store this browser works with multiple search engines in layers just like in a cake and that’s where it got its name from. … Read more

Google’s Family Link app

Google has introduced yet another app that covers both the aspects of being innovative while being essential for the consumers in the form of Google’s Family Link app. With its Android platform being used among vast numbers of devices it surely has the advantage of being handy and successful. This remote phone management app puts parents in … Read more

WhatsApp Business app

WhatsApp is used globally by people to connect, building on a similar platform of connectivity Whatsapp inc. has now launched a specific WhatsApp Business app. The most important thing with this app is that it will let companies chat with consumers directly and efficiently. But originally it was primarily built for communication between people. To make … Read more

Things you can do with your phone’s Camera

Smartphone cameras let you take advantage of every available photo opportunity. With the right apps, your camera can perform different function such as translating texts to scanning paperwork. And with their increasing pixels and the ability to focus the opportunities are always increasing. Translate text when in another country With a typical translation app, you have to … Read more

WhatsApp Group gets a new Feature

In this new feature group-admins can silent those pesky group members that keep bothering everyone else with their nosy messages and inappropriate shares in the group. Whatsapp has finally thought about group handling as WhatsApp groups have become really popular among the masses. From business to individuals everyone has shifted to WhatsApp from document sharing … Read more

Google Breaches Location Privacy

This was bound to happen sooner or later as android smartphones have reportedly been gathering users’ location data and sending it to Google even when the location services were turned off and there was no SIM card in the device. This might sound straight out of a Jason Bourne movie but this is true and … Read more