New Privacy Controls in Whatsapp

There is an addition to New Privacy Controls in Whatsapp for android. And the most significant one will let you hide your “last seen status” from people you don’t trust. In the latest update, it will be a lot easier to manage who can and can’t see your profile information, including the last time you logged on.

Whatsapp keeps updating and giving its users new features that improve the experience. The update was first reported by Wabetainfo. And it said that new privacy tools are in development to allow control over exactly who can see parts of your profile. Currently, “Last Seen,” “Profile Picture,” and “About” can either be seen by everyone, your contacts, or no one at all.

New Privacy Controls in Whatsapp

With the addition of new privacy controls in Whatsapp, users will be able to hide their “Last Seen” time from a select number of people without disabling it altogether. This option will also support profile photos and bios, providing much more control over privacy than previously offered.

Disabling “Last Seen” will remain a two-way street. By this, it means that if you hide it from a group of people in your contacts list, WhatsApp will hide their information in return.

New Privacy Controls in Whatsapp
the screenshot is taken from WhatsApp for iOS, but WhatsApp will obviously introduce it on WhatsApp for Android too.

“My contacts except” the contacts you add will not be able to see the private info that you select. It can be a great feature. Especially when you consider the amount of irrelevant or disposable contacts that can monitor your private activity.

But before you start jumping in excitement you need to know that this feature is under development. And we’re very excited to discover when WhatsApp is going to enable it for beta testers in a future update.

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