Mirror your phone screen to Chromebooks

Do you use a Chromebook? Very soon you will be able to mirror your phone screen to Chromebooks easily. Google has been working on bringing the two platforms of Chromebook and android together. More than just running Android apps on Chromebooks.

And an upcoming feature might be Google’s biggest push. With the “Push” function Android phone users such as Google’s Pixel phones will be able to stream their screens to Chromebooks.

This “Push” button will appear on Android 12’s Recents screen as a way to “send” an app to a nearby Chromebook. From the wording of the feature, it seems that both devices will at least need to be on the same local network, which is pretty much the requirement for almost all app mirroring services for desktops and laptops.

You will be able to Mirror your phone screen to Chromebooks

This “Push” feature was spotted earlier this year under the codenamed “Eche” for Chromebooks. It will reportedly use WebRTC, the same technology employed for video chats like Google Duo, which probably explains some of the optimizations Google has been making over the past months.

Unlike video chats, though, Push will also be sending back and forth additional data, like clicks that will translate to taps on the phone. We will be sharing more news about this latest Android update in the coming days. Leave a review below and keep coming back to find out more about how things pan out.

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