March 2022 Google System Update

The first update for March 2022 Google System Update has arrived. These updates are available for all Android devices and you can also download to install them. The latest android update in 2022 will arrive through the Play Store and Play Services.

In this update, there are quite a few different bug fixes. Including one that fixes “device connectivity”. Additionally, the Play Games Services profile has been updated, providing users with a way to “better manage their privacy settings”.

Whats in the March 2022 Google System Update

The latest update to Android Phones comes in the form of a system update to the Play Store. Google is bringing improvements to its “play-as-you-download” feature, making it so that you can play games while they download in the background even faster.

The System Update is going to hit all the phones and you don’t need to own a Pixel in order to receive it. If the update doesn’t apply itself in the background, you should see an update available in the Play Store itself so you can manually install it.

Critical Fixes
  • [Auto, Phone, Tablet, TV, Wear OS] Bug fixes for device connectivity, developer services, safety & emergency, and utilities related services.
  • [Phone, TV] With the update to the Play Games Services profile, users will be able to better manage their privacy settings.
Google Play Store
  • Improvements to Play-as-you-download feature to let gamers start playing mobile games while the app download continues to reduce waiting times.
  • New Features to help you discover the Apps & Games you love.
  • Optimizations allowing faster and more reliable download and installation.
  • New features to the Play Pass and Play Points programs.

Have you installed the update? If yes then what changes did you notice? Did you check out the play as you download feature? Let us know all the answers by commenting below in the comments section.

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