Make your Phone less Annoying

Do you also want to Make your Phone less Annoying? If you fed up with all those constant notifications and unwanted vibrations alerts. Or have weary eyes from that shift screen brightness then you might need to change some settings to get the most out of your device.

If after your long after you just want to unplug and relax and a sudden phone buzz can cause the whole mindset to turn upside down. It can be an email, notification, and status updates at all hours of the day, making it hard to concentrate. But there are ways to make it less annoying.

How to relax and Make your Phone less Annoying?

Start by working your way through the notification settings. Start by shutting down your social media amd gaming alerts. You can shut them off by going into the notifications settings and viewing a list of apps to toggle off. You can get in-depth by tapping the app’s name to disable visible and audible notifications.

Some apps also let you turn off alerts for specific in-app features, while leaving others on. For instance, Facebook lets you turn off notifications for tags, comments, and reminders independent of each other.

Notifications can also be dealt with directly from the pull-down shade. If you have an annoying notification on the screen, long-press on it to either turn off that kind of alert or go directly to the app’s settings.

Enable Do Not Disturb

Your phone will always ping you when someone comments on your latest Instagram post, likes your tweet, or sends an email. If you need your sleep—or a break from alerts altogether—set up Do Not Disturb. You can find this feature under Sounds or Notifications.

Turn it on to immediately mute all incoming calls and alerts, or schedule it to activate at a certain time or day of the week. If you’re worried about emergencies, you can allow certain contacts and apps to break through by adding them to your list of exceptions.

Auto Brightness

Have you ever noticed your screen suddenly dimming or brightening all by itself? That’s auto brightness, also known as adaptive brightness on some devices. But as helpful as it may be it can cause your head to spin with sudden increase or decrease in the light.

Navigate to your phone’s Display settings or open the pull-down shade and disable the feature. You can then manually move the slider to your desired brightness. The blue light filter, meanwhile, can also help you snooze better.

Bloatware Apps

Bloatware is not unique to mobile devices, it’s most insidious on phones because of their limited computational resources. A Samsung device may come with multiple apps pre-installed from Amazon, Facebook, Google, or Microsoft. Before even getting to the company’s own collection of programs.

A brand new phone may perform fine with this extra baggage, but after a few years, space will be sparse. Delete unwanted apps to free up your phone’s background resources by long-pressing on an app icon to prompt the disable option. Or access individual app options under Apps in the Settings menu.

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