Leave Reviews on Google Play Store

After you download and use an app it is recommended to Leave Reviews on Google Play Store. Taking two minutes of your time to leave a genuine review may seem unnecessary. But it can prove to be a big time-saver for the next person browsing the same app.

It works the same way when you read reviews left by other people. As they help you navigate an app better and be relieved that it is safe to download and will offer you what it should. And when you like an app, leaving a positive review encourages other users to download that app.

Solid reviews legitimize the app’s credibility and quality. The app may be slow, has a bad user interface, has too many pop-up ads. Lags or is simply not that useful. Worst of all, it might be trying to ask for private information that’s irrelevant or unnecessary to enjoy the benefits that the app promotes to offer.

Leave Reviews on the Google Play Store

As beneficial as reviews and ratings are for users. They are also very important for app developers. The primary goal of a developer is to increase the app’s revenue which is directly proportional to the number of downloads it has. The more the downloads, the more the ad revenue and opportunity to get the user to make in-app purchases.

75-80% of the people read at least read one review before installing an app. This means that the higher the number of reviews and ratings of an app, the more likely it is to incur more downloads. Secondly, another important advantage for developers is the rise in the app’s community.

Via user review, the developers get direct feedback from users about the app’s performance. And the services or benefits it provides. A positive review tells them what’s working and should be kept.

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