Joint Google Account for Couples?

A Joint Google Account for Couples? Can be the next best thing for people who want to share their bills, reservations, purchases, documents, and photo galleries. You should know that this functionality is an addition to your personal Gmail accounts.

This feature although joint still lets you maintain account privacy and independence while giving you full charge of the privacy of your Google account. So keep on reading in order to understand how you can take advantage of this feature.

Joint Google Account for Couples

You could have by now explored the Google Family Link. Using this method users can add two personal accounts to the same family on Google. The perks include a preset family calendar, easier sharing in Keep, and proper integration with Google Assistant.

A Joint Google account lets both you and your partner access and check email. It’s as simple as sharing a password and you can easily keep everything in the same place. But before you do keep in mind to ask these questions to one another.

If you decide to separate, who gets ‘custody’ of the account? Who keeps the digital purchases and paid subscriptions linked to it? You’d also have to move the necessary data back to your personal accounts and rebuild some of your history across services.

Once that is out of the way the only thing left will be to create a new account and share passwords. Then subscribe and delegate via the new Google account. This way all the bills, invoices, bank statements, and all other relevant docs will be sorted in a manageable way.

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