How to send a fax from Gmail

Did you know that you can still fax? If not then learn how to send a fax from Gmail to people who still have a working Fax machine in their office or home.

Back in the day, people used to have big fax machines installed in their offices. That used to be connected to big hard wires in order to relay an electronic message.

The service has evolved with time, and you no longer require a big fax machine to send your faxes. Today, you can send faxes using Windows or Mac computers. Even Android smartphones have the ability that lets you fax documents over the internet.

How to send a fax from Gmail

Gmail doesn’t have a built-in faxing feature that lets you send faxes via email. Instead, you’ll use a third-party fax service that provides a fax number and allows you to send and receive faxes using a Gmail account.

To begin using the faxing service you can use the FAX.PLUS faxing service as it’s available in Google WorkSpace Marketplace. There are several alternatives you can find at the end of this article, which you can use to send a fax from Gmail.

Open Gmail in your computer browser, log in with your credentials, and look for the plus (+) button in the right sidebar that houses your Google Calendar, Keep, and Tasks integration.

Click the plus (+) button to open the Google Workspace Marketplace. Search for the FAX.PLUS service. Open the FAX.PLUS service. Now Click the Install button to add it to your Google account.

Go through the setup screens and grant FAX.PLUS the necessary permissions to work. After you finish the setup process, you’ll see FAX.PLUS in the right sidebar alongside your other add-ons.

To send a fax, click the FAX.PLUS icon and enter the recipient’s fax number. The fax number starts with a + symbol followed by the international dialing code (country code and area code) and local fax number. Ensure to add the correct number without spaces and click the New Fax button.

Here you will see a compose window with the recipient address added by the service. Use the paperclip icon to attach files you want to send as a fax.

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