How to delete or pause your YouTube watch and search histories

After watching all those videos your recommendations from YouTube might be all messed up. Well don’t worry here is How to delete or pause your YouTube watch and search histories.

The app and the YouTube streaming service track what you watch on the platform. It gives you an easy way to find the videos you’ve watched.

You can also pause your YouTube history to prevent the app from keeping track of your use in the future. Here’s how to clear your YouTube history on Android and the web.

Learn How to delete or pause your YouTube watch and search histories

YouTube tracks your watch history and search history. The app uses these to recommend videos and push ads relevant to you. Delete both if you don’t want YouTube to save your data. 

If you use multiple Google accounts, you must delete your YouTube history individually for all accounts. While we use the Android app to demonstrate the steps, they also work on the iPhone and iPad apps.

The app lets users clear their search history and watch history separately. However, no such option exists now. If you want to delete your YouTube history in bulk, delete both your search history and watch record.

To get started, launch the app and tap the profile picture in the upper-right corner. Go to settings > Manage all history and Choose an account if you logged in to multiple accounts on your device.

Click the cross icon next to a video or search from your history to delete it. Tap the Delete drop-down menu and choose to Delete all listed items to clear your entire watch and search history.

Now tap Delete to confirm the deletion of your YouTube watch history. To pause your history choose Your Data on YouTube.

Scroll down to find the YouTube Watch History (or Search History) and tap the arrow button. And tap Turn off and choose Pause to pause your YouTube history

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