How to Backup your Google Data

As trustworthy and reliable it might seem but you can not blindly trust the Google cloud to keep your data safe and secure. Because we have heard of instances in the past of the company deleting user accounts without any warning. But you can easily Backup your Google Data to be on the safer side.

If you use an android phone then chances are that all of your data is distributed among google services. Such as Gmail, Photos. and Google Drive being the main components. But before you begin this process make sure that you have enough drive space to accommodate all the data.

Time to Backup your Google Data, start with Gmail

Simply load up your favorite email client and connect it to your Gmail (using IMAP, not POP3). Once you’ve downloaded your email, your desktop client will backup or export everything in your various folders. This way you will be creating a backup of your Gmail easily.

Plus you’ll have a backup archive that you can re-import into any email client you want in case something ever screws up. The only thing you have to remember is to load your desktop app from time to time and sync up your Gmail account.

How to Save Google Photos

Google Backup and Sync feature does not work with Google Photos. So you will need to use Google Takeout to download and take a backup of your photos and movies. The Takeout service works for all other google backup apps such as contacts, mobile data and etc.

Google Takeout will create a backup of everything each time it runs. So, you’ll be in for a hefty download that consists of mostly the same stuff each time you run the backup. On the plus side, you can have Google automatically create and email you a link to your backup archive every two months.

Otherwise, if you know that you’re only ever uploading new photos and movies to Google Photos, you could run Google Takeout once to get a full backup of everything you have, and then simply search for the current year — “2021″ — in Google Photos at regular intervals, shift-select everything it finds, and download it manually.

Backing up Google Contacts

If you use Google to manage your contacts, it is essential that you take a backup regularly. They tend to disappear from your linked devices should you ever lose access to your account. Visit Google Contacts and click on “Export Contacts” on the left-had sidebar to download all of your contacts as .CSV file or vCard.

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