Here WeGo Android Auto

Here WeGo Android Auto is a new Google Maps rival in the car navigation industry. This navigation app is one of the best Google Maps alternatives on the Play Store. And with its latest beta update, it finally has support for in-dash displays.

The Android Auto version of the app comes with all of the features you’d expect. Including support for offline maps and navigation. This is a must because it helps you navigate in areas with little or no coverage thus making it a very important dashboard buddy.

Here WeGo Android Auto Beta update.

The app recently debuted an all-new look, and while that style does carry over to the dashboard version. Its UI also feels tailored for larger screens. The main menu gives you options for shortcuts, collections, and recently searched places, or you can input specific addresses and businesses using the built-in search bar.

When we compare the new service with Google Maps. Google Maps angles its maps in a particular way that allows you to view oncoming roads while also keeping a large amount of information in the background. HereWeGo goes for a top-down approach, effectively showing your icon moving around on a flat surface.

And according to the user reviews the navigation UI feels too small. Turning directions were easy enough to see, but the map could use some work.

These issues can be looked after in the later updates. As Here continues to work on both the Auto experience and its navigation. It already has most of the features drivers would request in later versions, including dark themes, offline mode, route options to avoid highways and tolls, and even speeding alerts.

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