Google’s new app for organizing Documents

Ever wondered if there was an app to save all the receipts and documents? Well, you can check out Google’s new app for organizing Documents. The app is called Stack and is developed by the company’s Area 120 division.

This new app called stack is basically a scanner app that is boosted with AI tech. It lets users scan important documents, receipts, or bills. The app also uses Google’s language recognition and optical character recognition smarts to name it and suggest its correct category automatically.

Google’s new app for organizing Documents

Stack automatically extracts vital details from documents, like account numbers, totals due from bills, and due dates. This feature makes the figures and text easier to copy across to other apps, messages, or mails. Integrated search also allows users to trawl through documents using keywords.

As for security, Stack can be locked with facial recognition or a fingerprint. The app can also save copies of the documents to Google Drive. Currently, Google is testing this app in the US only.

The basic function of the app is to scan bills, documents, and receipts into PDFs and automatically name the file and “stack” it. The app will also let you scan complete documents to quickly search for important information. The app will also identify crucial information like due date or total amount due and display it at the top.

You can also search through the full text of your documents (not just the title) to quickly find what you need. The idea behind this app will revolutionize the way we handle and store paperwork. Paving the way for paperless future.

It might seem small at the moment but being able to sort and store documents with the worry of loss is a big thing. Let us know what you think about the idea behind this app by leaving a comment with your opinion below.

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