Google Play Store’s latest redesign

Get ready for Google Play Store’s latest redesign that will change the way you interact with your apps. The company only recently redesigned the Play Store. In which they got rid of the hamburger menu and moved most of its menu entry to the account switcher in the top right corner.

The company isn’t done revamping its app distribution service. Screenshots of a revamped “My Apps” section have surfaced. Showing alot of new stuff worth exploring. “My apps & games” section of the Play Store, you normally see a collection of pending updates and most recently updated apps in the first tab.

Redditor shared images of a new “Manage apps & device” section that presumably replaces this “My apps & games” page. It loses most of the tabs available in the old interface. Tabs such as Updates, Installed, Library, Share, and Beta, instead only giving you two sections-Overview and Manage.

Google Play Store’s latest redesign

The new update renders the default Overview page useless. If you just want to check for updates real quick, the new default Overview page will not help you. It only lists a few menu entries and stats about Play Protect, used storage, your ratings, and reviews. Along with options to share apps with your friends.

App updates are shown here in the form of a small menu entry. With the Play Store telling you that “All apps are up to date.” There’s an option to see details, but we don’t quite know what we’ll be able to see there. The Redditor has also shared an image of a Pending downloads section.

The latest redesign isn’t available commercially. And you will have to wait for its launch to check it out for yourself. But according to the Redditor reports they’re using version 25.1.24-21. So wait till you get that version and don’t forget to comment below.

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