Google Photos Tricks

Google Photos tricks that will take your photo and video album to the next level. The photos app is one of the most widely used cloud backups on android phones powered by AI. This photo storage service salvaged the best part of the Google+ social network namely photo storage and sharing.

The photos app makes backing up your photo library effortless. It can identify people — even babies — in your images with accuracy. It automatically creates GIFs and movies that the people in your life will cherish. Thus making it more important to learn about the apps tips and tricks.

Google Photos Tricks

Label People and Create a Live Album

If you’re on the mobile app, tap Search and at the top of the screen, you’ll see People & Pets. It features a row of headshots from your photos. Click a person without a label and enter their name. In the future, searching by name in Google Photos will make it easier to find every picture of that person, or pet. Google’s face-matching takes care of the rest.

Once you label people and pets within Google Photos, use them to create a Live Album. Which will automatically add photos of certain people to that album as they’re uploaded or backed up to Google Photos.

When you create a new album on mobile, tap Automatically add photos of people & pets, select the people or pets you want to include in the pop-up menu, tap Confirm, and you’re good to go.

To help Google fine-tune its facial recognition, go into a Live Album, tap the person’s name, and Google Photos may bring up a menu button that says Same or different person? to allow you to go on a face-matching binge that improves results.

Show a Slideshow

Go into any album of images and display it as a slideshow, which is especially nice when you pair your device with a Chromecast With Google TV on a big TV. On the web or in the Android app, tap the ellipsis menu at the upper right. Select Slideshow and the album you’re viewing will display photos in order.

Photo Search

Google’s auto-tagging of images is amazing, beyond just face recognition (which will ID people in photos even if they’re in the background). For example, a search of the term Cat or a Friends name will get you just about every image associated with both these terms.

Create a New Live Album From an Old Album

To make an existing album a Live album, open it, tap the three dot menu and select Options. The option to automatically add photos is right there—click the + icon and add a person or pet that has already been assigned a name. New pics will flow into the album as you take them.

Share your Library

Go to Partner Sharing under your avatar > Google Photo Settings > Partner Sharing). Pick a person from your contacts who also uses Google Photos, and then you can choose to share either All photos or Photos of Specific People (made easy with the built-in facial recognition).

Specify if you only want to share images from a specific date forward. Once confirmed, that person will have access to all images or that one face whenever recognized. This is sharing one-way only. If you want to see the same person in your partner’s photos, they have to share it back with you. This is easy; when they accept, have them click Share Back at the top right.

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