Google Photos gets a ‘Documents’ section

In this latest update, Google Photos gets a ‘Documents’ section. If you use the Photos app to backup your phone gallery’s photos and videos then you will see an additional feature from now on. This new section will collect photos with visible text and categorize them based on their type.

Google is taking things to the next level of backup and storage by categorizing all of your photos with text in “Documents” category. The best thing about this Photos and videos backup app is how it leverages AI to categorize your photos into various, easy-to-find collections.

Google Photos gets a ‘Documents’ section

That 15GB of storage space will improve the way you store important documents as they are sorted automatically. Users are noticing the new Documents section when navigating to the Search tab in Google Photos (via Android Police).

Once inside, your images will be further categorized based on the type of “document” the app thinks it is. Images of text messages will get their own album, as will cook covers, receipts, posters, signs, etc. There’s even a section for identity documents. That makes it easy to find an image of your driver’s license or any other personal identification.

But like other new apps and software’s in their beginning they come with alot of bugs. The the new update does seems to get confuse with identical looking images that need to be sorted separtley. But there’s no doubt that the new Documents section could be beneficial.

Google recently released an Area 120 app called Stack. Which acts as a document scanner, taking images of documents and categorizes them. Other than that the photos app is a big hit with alot of android users and will continue to gain popularity as it keeps on getting new and advanced features.

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