Google Pay Virtual Card

Google Pay Virtual Card is here for regular Google Pay users across North America. The app balance can be used for in-store NFC payments with the latest update. The card allows users to immediately use funds that are earned from rewards or sent by friends/family for in-store payments.

Before this Google Pay balance could only be used for sending funds to other people. Buying items online or in Google products/Play Store. Or transferring money out to your bank account. This prevented the money from being used in stores directly from the app.

Google Pay Virtual Card

To get the Google Pay balance card you’ll need to request it through the Pay app. At the moment Android users in the US can request a virtual Google Pay balance card. Which once activated will enable them to make purchases at merchants that accept Google Pay for contactless payments.

In the new “GPay” app under the “Balance” section, you should see a banner that says “Set up your Google Pay balance for contactless payments.” By tapping to set it up, you’ll go through a few terms & conditions pages, set a PIN number for your card, and finally, it will show up alongside other cards in the Google Pay payment method picker for NFC payments.

In order to open a Google Pay account, you will need a bank account and your current mobile number should be linked to that account. One should also have an ATM or Debit card. You can then go to the profile account, which is located in the top right corner of the screen. 

The next page will show you an option called “Send Money,” just tap on it to add a bank account. The app will display a list of banks, so you just need to choose your ‘Bank name’ from it.

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