Google Messages will show contact Images

To make things more fun while texing and chatting the Google Messages will show contact images for the chat conversations that you start on your phone.

While the section next to the name was vacant before, the contact image now takes up the space on the left and makes use of the real estate.

Images are picked up directly from Google Contacts, while the user’s profile is accessible by tapping the name or profile image.

Google Messages will show contact Images

This latest update will hit your phone screen with the Google Messages version

So it could be a while until it appears on the stable version. It’s not an addition that will change how you use Messages.

But one that will make it better to use, as you no longer need to tap the person’s name to go to their Google Contacts profile.

Its a fun new addition to the already boring texting app that Google is trying to revive from the dead. It will be upto the users now on how the way they resond.

And dont forget the new feature that lets you Read your voice messages when you’d rather not play them for the crowd. This can be really helpful when you cant leave a certain space to get some privacy.

Plus you can watch YouTube videos right in your chats without leaving the conversation. So much easier when you dont have to leave your app to open another window to do something else.

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