Google Glitch

Some of you may have heard about the Google Glitch that hit the search engines indexing systems that affected Google search results. In short, the search algorithm suffered an indexing glitch that affected search results.

Many of us have seen 404 errors when trying to get to some of our favorite web pages. And according to DownDectector, there appear to be more major sites having problems. 

The specific problem seems to be with the GCP load balancers. These, working with Google’s Cloud Delivery Network (CDN), provide high availability web servers.

These are designed to stop website failures. And Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks by putting your website behind a single anycast IP. After that scaling your resources up or down with intelligent autoscaling.

Is the Google Glitch problem resolved?

Google has a web crawling and indexing system called Caffeine.  Caffeine allowed Google to process data faster than ever before. This Caffeine indexing system empowered Google to continually index the entire web in real-time.

With a fresher index, Google could then show more up-to-date search results. Google’s Gary Illyes tweeted an explanation of how complex a search index is, with a caveat that the list he published was only a partial list.

Just like the Facebook error that was witnessed recently, your website may come back up. Since it’s only the load balancers and CDN that’s having trouble as this is written, 1:42 PM Eastern, Google is still reporting, “We do not have an ETA for full resolution at this point.”

By 1:59 PM, Google stated, “The issue with Cloud Run has been resolved for all affected users.” Users, however, are still reporting some website outages.

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