Google Chrome Tricks

Today we share Google Chrome Tricks that Millions of Android users around the globe need to know. Google Chrome is the default web browser on almost all android devices and knowing these tips will help you become a superuser.

Google Chrome is a fast and secure web browser. This Android browser app brings you personalized browsing to your favorite sites via Google Search and comes with Google Translate built-in. With Google Chrome you can syn all your browsing history across your devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile.

Google Chrome Tricks that you should know

Instant Search

Found something while browsing the Internet? Want to know more about it? Just Highlight a word or phrase, and then drag the selected phrase at the top of the browser window to the right of your tabs farthest. A new tab opens with the Google search results for your highlighted selection.

Quick Dictionary

Yes, that’s right you can actually check for the meaning of a word without having to search for it. Just type in the word in the address bar. And the meaning of the word will be shown just under the address bar. How neat is that, no more opening a tab and typing in google to get your words sorted.

Download a page

If you’re having a very busy day and also need to read an article you saw online, you can easily download the page and read it offline when you’re less busy.

To download a page, Click the three dashes on the top right corner of the page and click the download icon. That’s it, you can always go back to read the article offline.

Browse Anonymously

If you need to do a private search just open the incognito mode. It won’t save your browsing history. To open the incognito mode, click the three dashes at the top right corner of the page and click the new incognito tab.

Quick Calculations

Want to do a couple of good calculations? You could just type the math problem on the address bar with Chrome and tap space. Then the answer will appear just under the address bar.

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