Google At a Glance widget

If you’re a fan of the Google At a Glance widget, then you’ll be happy to know that Google is planning some major upgrades for the widget in the upcoming Android update. The latest reports suggest that the widget will soon show order statuses and flashlight controls in the interface.

Previously, the widget got an update in March 2022 that added new features such as the ability to check the battery status of Bluetooth accessories, earthquake warnings, and Safety check countdown. This shows that Google is committed to improving the At a Glance widget and making it more useful for Android users.

With the new updates, users will be able to see the status of their online orders directly in the widget interface, without having to open the relevant app. Additionally, the widget will also provide quick access to flashlight controls, making it easier to turn on and off your phone’s flashlight.

9to5Google has found references to grocery order tracking in recent builds of the Google Search app. The Assistant will pick up the order details from your Gmail inbox. And the At a Glance widget will surface them on your Pixel phone’s lock screen or home screen at the appropriate time.

Update to Google At a Glance widget

Mishaal Rahman, Esper’s Senior Technical Editor, has discovered the At a Glance widget will soon show a reminder when your Pixel’s flashlight is on. This will come complete with a toggle to turn it off.

The option was first spotted in testing in early January but has not been rolled out yet. It is likely that the features are still under development. And Google could release them as a part of the June 2022 Feature Drop for Pixel phones.

The At a Glance widget was not that helpful or smart when its big redesign debuted with Android 12. However, these constant updates from Google make it an even more useful addition.

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