Get Android 12 Features on Any Android Device

Looking Get Android 12 Features on Any Android Device. Google recently released the first Android 12 beta build for Pixel phones, and select OEMs. That includes OnePlus, Oppo, Realme, Xiaomi, and many others, joined the party. The Android 12 beta update brings a myriad of new features.

That includes a new Material You design language, redesigned quick settings page, updated privacy indicators, and more. Now, many of you must be wondering — when will my Android phone get the Android 12 update? 

But due to the Android fragmentation problem, it will take a while before the update reaches normal users. So if you want to test out some of the new Android 12 features, we have compiled a list of Android 12 features you can get on any Android phone right now.

Get Android 12 Features on Any Android Device in 2021

Before you start getting excited we need to share a disclaimer about the way you will be able to achieve this goal. What we try to do is get almost identical-looking touches via skins and widgets that would look like android 12 but will not carry its complete functionality.

Android 12 Icon Pack and Wallpapers

If you fancy a clean icon pack to bring your experience closer to Android 12, you can check out the Pixel pie icon pack on the Play Store (Free, in-app purchase start at $0.99). You can also check out the Android 12 Icon Pack ($1.49) and Android 12 Colors – Icon Pack ($1.49) to give your home screen a look similar to that one leaked Android 12 screenshot from long ago.

If your default launcher doesn’t support custom icon packs, grab Nova launcher, Lawnchair, or any Android launcher. To apply the icon pack, open the icon pack app and tap on “Apply Pixel Icon Pack” here. Then, choose Nova launcher or your preferred custom launcher from the next screen.

Android 12 Widgets

Google finally paid attention to widgets on Android 12 and has added new visually pleasing ones. You can try these right now, thanks to an app called KWGT Pro. You can purchase it from Play Store at $5.99. It’s a bit expensive but worth every penny if you like to customize widgets on your Android phone.

And if you are looking for an Android 12-inspired clock widget. Then there’s one free app that works even if you don’t have KWGT. All you have to do is install the app and add the widget to your home screen from the widgets page.

Material You Widget

If you are looking for more Get Android 12 Features on Any Android Device, you can install one of the apps linked below:

  • Download Android 12 Widgets for KWGT (Rs.99, needs KWGT Pro)
  • Check out Android 12 widgets for KWGT Pro (Rs.30, needs KWGT Pro)
  • Download Material U – Android 12 inspired KWGT (Rs.85, needs KWGT Pro)

Once installed, create widgets for KWGT from the widget picker interface and import the installed widget. If you have never used KWGT before, follow the instructions below to get started:

1. Long-press the home screen and tap on the “Widgets” option when it pops up.

2. Scroll down until you find “Kustom Widget”. Once you are here, drag and drop your preferred widget size on the home page. Then, tap on the “Click to Setup or long-press to Resize” portion of the widget.

3.Tapping on the widget on the home screen will take you to the KWGT app. Now, under the “Installed packs” section in the KWGT app, choose your preferred KWGT pack and pick the exact widget from the next page.

4. When you pick the widget, you will see the edit screen. Tap on the “Save” button in the top right corner to apply the widget.

Privacy Indicators

Following in Apple’s footsteps, Google has added a privacy indicator on Android 12. With this feature, you will know when an app is using your camera or microphone.

Fortunately, there exists an Access Dots that does just that. All you have to do is install the app and give it the necessary accessibility permissions. When your phone’s camera is in use, you will see a green indicator. The dot’s color turns orange when an app is using your microphone.

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