Garden Help Apps

Staring a new plantation drive at home? Then you need to checkout these Garden Help Apps that can identify and improve the way you take care of your plants. No matter if you are starting new of have been gardening for some times, this list of apps will give you a lot to learn about plants.

Don’t worry if you have questions such as Is it time for pruning? Am I giving too much water? Are you getting completely dehydrated from too much sun? If you can’t spot the issue, then all you need is to find an app that identifies plants and what they need to truly survive.

Just by taking a photo of your plant you can find out so much more when it comes to your garden plants. And whether you’re curious about the general needs of a plant or you need a diagnosis on the current problems with your garden, these apps in the latest list of app series have you covered.

Learn more about these Garden Help Apps

Garden Manager: Plant Alarm

This app helps you keep track of watering, spraying, and fertilizing times by giving you an alarm on your mobile device. It also allows you to create a photographic diary of your planting experiences while sharing information about your plants with friends and colleagues.

If you are in need of finding a nearby florist for your gardening needs, Garden Manager has that too. With this app, you can track the progress of your garden from germination times through harvesting fruits and vegetables.

Garden Design Ideas

Garden Design Ideas provides you with a large database of garden images to inspire your own creations. From simple gardens to more elaborate depictions of grand landscaping ideas, this app can inspire you to develop your own masterpiece.

Whether you are looking for ideas pertaining to the actual flower bed or would like to consider the possibility of adding a fountain, this app can help you determine what you should incorporate into your own design.


Gardenate is a detailed app that provides a great deal of information for a variety of vegetables and herbs in your garden. You are able to add your own notes to each individual plant in order to develop the best methods that have worked for you for future use.

As well as the database of plants, you are able to add your own and detail the information for customization. The “My Garden” area provides a “predicted” harvest schedule for plants that you have submitted for tracking.

Garden Time Planner

The Garden Planner by Burpee provides you with the best times to sow a variety of food-producing plants. The app contains a great database of a wide range of plants including local weather reports. Users receive updates on when to plant or transplant young growth to larger vessels.

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