Files by Google app 2021 update

If you use the latest Android 11 then chances are that you also use files by Google app 2021 to manage and sort files on your mobile. It comes pre-installed on many Android devices and Googles keeps updating the app to improve the productivity of the way we manage our stored files and downloads.

Recently the Files By Google app got another new feature. And it surely will save you from losing important files if you accidentally hit the delete button. It comes in the form of a new folder called Trash that’s accessible from the side pullout menu.

Instead of permanently deleting data, the app will be able to send things to this folder, where they’ll stay around for 30 days just in case you change your mind. The latest trash update comes with Version 1.0.345 and includes a number of other improvements like enhancements to background audio playback.

Easily find files without the need of going through folders and other clutter on your phone. The app’s filters allow you to pinpoint the file or image you are looking for thus reducing the search time. It also recommends cleaning suggestions the same way making it a one-touch clean-up.

Files by Google app 2021 update

It also has a new screenshot cleaning feature to detect and delete old screenshot pictures. But even after the update, the main app UI remains almost simple and easy to use for a first-time user. The latest update also includes a new Favorites folder that will give you quick access to all your favorite files on the app.

To add new files to the folder, select a file and tap on the three-dot menu button. Select the new Add to Favorites option in the drop-down menu, and the file will be added to the Favorites folder. Let us know if you were able to test the latest features by commenting below with your opinion.

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