Essential apps for photographers

If you are an aspiring photographer who wants to improve their content then you need to check these Essential apps for photographers. Using these apps you can edit, transfer and upload raw images without ever touching your computer.

Some photography apps are so complex that they even rival your computer when it comes to touching effects. The photography helper apps listed here will let you improve your photography by giving you suggestions and tools that will work for you before and after taking photographs.

The apps that we have referred here will not be a big burden on your phone’s processing capacity. Most of them have precious few features and that’s exactly what makes them so useful. They’re the software equivalent of an L-bracket or tripod spikes, understated but infinitely useful.

Few essential apps for photographers

Pocket Bubble Level

The Bubble Level app features one bull’s eye and two tubular levels. It’s extremely useful if your tripod or head doesn’t have a bubble level or if you’re aligning props. The app is free to download, but for 99p you can remove the adverts. 

This app uses the accelerometer and gyroscope (depending on the smartphone model). It helps to align or leveled when you try to hang any object horizontally, vertically or set at any angle.

My Tide Times

If you live near the beach and want to take epic tide photos then you need to install this app on your phone. The app supports over 9,000 tidal stations in over 30 countries that includes the US, Canada, Brazil, UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Australia and New Zealand.

This app maps out tidal spots across countries and contains a plethora of info. Including times and depths for low and high tide, and even predicts conditions in advance. So you will have the perfect setting times for which you can set an alarm and be at the right spot to click the best photos.


Although we should mention other photo editors such as Photoshop Sketch. But the Snapseed app has a class of its own. It has 29 tools and filters, including Healing, Brush, Structure, HDR with Perspective. Snapseed is owned by Google. It’s a free, no-frills editing app that’s delightfully simple to use.

It comes with a variety of Looks, which instantly transform an image (much like a filter) and has all the tools required to perform a base edit including highlights, shadows, and contrast. It also has some more advanced features, such as double exposure, healing, and selection tools.

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