Enable an adblocker on Android

Did you know that you can Enable an adblocker on Android? And If you are looking for a way to get rid of the ads without downloading an adblocker from the Google Play Store then here’s a method you can try. Keep on reading to learn more about blocking ads on your Smartphone.

Majority of Android phones come with ad trackers embedded within the phone to track your app usage and share this data with Google. This data in turn is used to serve you ads for games you play, websites you browse.

How to Enable an adblocker on Android?

And if you want a free way to block ads on your phone, this little trick is all you need. This little trick helps remove ads from the web browser and a few games. But it is worth mentioning that the feature has been found in devices until Android 10. So you will have to hope that this feature is present in your phone.

To get started, open your Settings and navigate to Network & Internet. Open Network & Internet and you will look for Private DNS. With some OEMs, this is in the very first section, but in other OEMs, you will have to find it within another hidden setting.

Once you have located Private DNS, select Private DNS Provider hostname, and enter the following address: dns.adguard.com. Once you are done, tap on Save. Now keep in mind, that this isn’t going to work for any and every service.

We managed to block ads for some of the free-to-download games, and it worked great with blocking a majority of ads on Google Chrome. And this method might not completely block ads to the end.

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