Derm Assist app from Google

Google is taking its AI and machine learning to the next level. With the recent launch of the Derm Assist app feature Googles AI tech will be able to tell and point out all your skin problems just by looking at a photo. You will have the world’s most powerful machine dermatologist at your fingertips.

This new tool from Google, helps you figure out what’s going on with your skin. Google wants to help you get more accurate answers. So it developed Derm Assist, a new web-based app that can identify skin conditions from a photo.

Derm Assist app

Each year Google gets 10 billion searches about skin conditions. Skin conditions can also be tricky to identify on your own, which is why they have added AI to the mix. Google already knows that people use its search engine to look up medical conditions, so the company is improving the platform. 

So let’s explore how Derm assist works. You spot a rash, lesion, or strange-looking mole on your skin. Then you take a few clear photos of it just as you do with Google Lens. Upload those pictures to Derm Assist. Google’s artificial intelligence and machine-learning capabilities analyze the photos.

And will look for a match in a database of 288 skin conditions. It then presents a handful of possible skin conditions you might have with an accuracy rate of up to 97%, the company says. The app only needs three photos to match you with a few possible skin conditions.

But you can get more accurate results by filling out an optional questionnaire that goes into more detail about your skin condition. Google makes it clear that this is not a diagnostic tool, but rather a way to help narrow down possible conditions so you can determine if you should see a doctor or just treat the condition with home remedies.

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