Delete Google search history

Want to Delete Google search history after looking up something for your eyes only? Whatever your reason for searching maybe. Google offers a quick and easy way to delete those last search queries. (You can check out how to stop Google from tracking you and how to automatically delete your location and activity history.

The feature, which the search giant unveiled at its Google I/O developers conference in May. Is one of the many options designed to protect user privacy.

How to quickly Delete Google search history?

If you regularly use Google Search while signed into your Google Account, such as on a personal laptop or desktop computer, it’s easy to delete your search history.

Step 1: Tap on your profile picture to access your menu.

Step 2: Click Delete last 15 minutes.

After you click del, Google will erase all your search history from the previous quarter of an hour. For a complete and in-depth data clearance follow the steps mentioned below.

  • From Google accountData & personalization > Activity and timeline > My Activity. Tap three vertical dots > Delete activity by.
  • Chrome on PC: Tap three vertical dots > History > History > Clear browsing data.
  • Chrome on Android and iOS: Tap three vertical dots > History > Clear browsing data. On the Google app: More > Search activity.

If you mainly use Google Chrome from your Android, you can clear your search history from within the browser. Just Open the Chrome web browser app on your Android device. And Tap the three vertical dots in the upper-right corner, then tap History.

If you want to clear your entire search history, tap Clear browsing data. Alternatively, if you want to clear individual search items from your history, scroll down to find the item, or tap the magnifying glass to search for an item, and then tap the to the right of the individual item to clear it.

And If you’re clearing the entire history, tap the Time range drop-down arrow and select All time. Optionally, clear the checkboxes next to the items listed below if you prefer not to clear them.

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