Customize your Android Status Bar

Did you know that you can Customize your Android Status Bar? This setting hack will let you customize your phone to display the information you want on your phone’s top status bar. The trick is to install the right apps that increase your options to change the layouts across your android phone’s home screen.

You will be able to turn the status bar into a volume controller, change the look and style of the icons, and even squeeze a gradient or an image of your choice in there, all with the help of third-party software. So keep on reading to learn more.

But before you install you need to understand that these apps need a few extra accessibility permissions. Mainly to get started, this will include a privilege level to be able to display overlays on top of other apps. Along with location and mic accessibility for weather and voice-activated commands.

How to Customize your Android Status Bar?

PowerLine: Status Bar Meters

Is a is free to use app for one or two indicators. And $2 for the pro version if you want to go all out. You can call up information about battery level, CPU and memory use, cellular signal and wifi strength, and phone usage.

All of this is very customizable using the tools that appear inside the app. Tap the +  button down in the lower right corner to add new indicators, and then tap on the indicators to access the wealth of available options. Everything from the line color and thickness to the alignment can be adjusted.

There are a few fun indicators to play around with. Including ones that show how far the current day or week you are, and one that works as a barometer. The app integrates nicely with Tasker too for even more possibilities.

 Status Bar & Notch Custom Colors and Backgrounds.

This app is capable of some really transformative effects. It can replace your status bar with a strip of an image. You’re able to select a blank color from a palette. Or choose one of the gradients or images supplied with the app (including nature scenes and abstract designs).

The Status Bar & Notch Custom Colors and Backgrounds app comes for free. Or you can pay $4 to remove the ads scattered throughout the app and to get at all the available colors and frames.

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